No matter the distance, We are committed to deliver for you

Kiki Rathi Sdn. Bhd. was initially set up under the company name A&P Nathan Enterprise in the year 2006. With our concentrated 16 years of experience in the field of truck / lorry transport, we initially started with a 1 Ton Lorry & today we are expanding our fleet to cater our customers increased requirements

Together with our partners who share equal experience in this industry, we were able to streamline our operations effectively & develop our business to greater realms. Our truck drivers are mostly experienced & have been working with us from the time of this company set up.

Our common goal in any project is to ensure customers have ultimate peace while their cargoes are in transport & the confidence that any situation would be given careful attention by us. We look to give you an experience in this industry where peace of mind is a daily affair.

  • To be a market leader in General Truck Services
  • Increasing standards in the Customer Service for this industry
  • Understanding industry needs, adapting to change & introducing new solutions
  • Introducing better cargo tracking systems for client convenience

  • To give added importance for customer related issues & find immediate solutions to overcome them.
  • To provide service effectively & efficiently. Time is of essence always.
  • To provide further training to truck drivers for defensive driving & etc
  • To contribute further towards staffs welfare.

Why Choose Us

  • Truck Delivery – 100% On Time!

    Punctuality is important for us as it is for our customers. All cargo deliveries & truck deployment arrive on time.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    We have a team that works night shift for any urgent work requirements / situations that occur.

  • Cargo Responsibility

    We take great pride in ensuring cargo is packed & transported safely. Our truck drivers are trained for this.

  • Safety & Cleanliness

    Amidst COVID-19 concerns, we sanitize our trucks before any trip & all drivers are equipped with N95 masks.